Flashstarts is a tactical innovation firm that helps organizations to think, work and innovate like startups. We believe in the ubiquity of innovation and that all employees can be more entrepreneurial. We help organizations to navigate uncharted territory, learn more before they spend, accelerate work and improve outcomes.


ou don’t need to be an exec. to hang out with Flashstarts. Our sprints are designed for a broad audience and are outcome-driven so you walk away with results {a prototype, a plan, a wallet, a strategy}.

Innovation is a verb, not a noun.

Let’s be real: a one-time innovation event will not change process or culture.  It’s about practicing, applying, failing, pivoting, and doing it all over it again! 

Get ready to fish.

We are not a firm that will do things FOR you. We only do things WITH you. Sustainability and continuity are important so we only teach people that are ready to fish.

No frills.

The real work is under the hood and requires us to get our hands dirty. We like it. Alot. However, you have to be ready to tackle the tough work, take risks and try new things.  

Move fast & break shit.

Your HR manager just shifted in their chair. Sorry.  We promise that we will help you move fast and break shit in the most respectful, impactful way. {And we’ll bring a broom to clean up after.} 

Virtual Teams

This Flashstarts microsite is focused on one of our areas of expertise: Virtual Teams. Using a microsite provides much easier navigation and allows the focus to be entirely on the topic.

Our intended audience for this site includes executives, managers, and members of virtual teams.

Our model is two-fold: to educate and coach executives and managers and to provide you with the tools to allow your virtual teams to highly effective. We hope to serve as your partner on that journey.

If you have any suggestions on how we can more effectively accomplish our mission please shoot us an email at virtual.teams@flashstarts.com.

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