Virtual Team Coaching


Are you interested in optimizing the performance of your virtual teams(s)? Are you launching a new virtual team and want to start smartly? Is your team suddenly working from home due to COVID-19?

Flashstarts offers a fully customizable process and coaching webinar focused on optimizing the performance of your virtual team.

4 easy steps:

  1. Decide that your virtual team(s) could improve and contact us;
  2. Complete an online survey about what tools and processes you use and what issues, in particular, you would like to address;
  3. Participate in a 30-minute virtual meeting to refine the goals and content of the coaching webinar;
  4. Your team participates in a 60-minute coaching webinar.

The coaching webinar is limited to 20 people. The price for this virtual team optimization engagement is $1,500.

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Take the first step now to optimizing the performance of your virtual team(s).


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