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Slack latest updates: Right tool, right time!

Slack latest updates: Right tool, right time!

When more companies are working remotely, it is essential to have a go-to communication tool for big announcements, group chats, and direct messages. Slack, an instant messaging platform, can help you stay on top of your work without overflowing our email inboxes. New changes by Slack will allow you to move all conversations online seamlessly and it couldn’t come at a better time.

Here are the newest features:

The new navigation bar with the search tool and the top sidebar that includes key conversations, files, apps, and more will help you navigate across your company easier.

You can also start a message anywhere using the all-new compose button. Thus, without deciding right away the person or channel you want to send your message to, you can still make a draft.

Don’t forget about the integrations that Slack has done. Whether your team uses G Suite or Office 365, Dropbox or Box, Zoom or role-specific tools like Salesforce and Jira, you can use Slack to keep track of everything by bringing updates directly into channels. The shortcut button (lightning bolt) will give you quick access to other apps. You can make collaborative decisions with Simple Poll, start a meeting with Cisco WebEx Meetings, create a customer support ticket with Freshdesk, and so much more.

As your team on Slack grows bigger, more channels are created in Slack, but not all of them are relevant. Users on paid plans will be able to organize their channels, direct messages and apps into customizable sections within their sidebar. You can name sections (with emojis), drag and drop conversations and channels into your new sections to prioritize what deserves your attention.

The rollout of these changes starts today from the desktop version and then for the mobile version later on. Are you excited for a simpler, more organized Slack?


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